laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Using state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment we can offer precision laser cutting and engraving on both coloured and clear acrylic sheets using our Laserscript LS2515 Laser Cutter. With the ability to cut and engrave 2.5m in length by 1.5m wide acrylic panels up to a thickness of 15mm, our cutting and engraving service lends itself to a variety of projects. Furthermore, the cut is so clean that additional polishing is not required. As a result, we can offer a quicker turnaround and lower costs. 

We can also laser cut virtually any other material, so for further information or to discuss a forthcoming project, please get in touch with the team at acrylux Ltd.

Benefits of Our Acrylic Laser Cutting Service

Due to the innate properties of acrylic, it provides the ideal material to cut with precision. Laser cutting is at the forefront of profiling technology. As it is fully computerised, it achieves accurate cutting even on large runs, smooth edges and consistency. Our laser cutting service provides the following benefits:


As acrylic lends itself to a wide variety of manufacturing possibilities, our laser cutting service is ideal when using acrylic to manufacture items such as:

laser engraved led lit acrylic design

Laser Engraving

We have a dedicated laser engraver to complement our laser cutting facility. As a result, you can benefit from both services simultaneously, meaning your project will be completed quicker. As well as providing acrylic laser engraving, we can also laser engrave wood, glass and other types of plastic.

Laser engraving is best applied to cast acrylic as opposed to extruded acrylic because it delivers a frosty opal finish that creates the perfect contrast between the engraved and original surface. Furthermore, the finish makes this type of engraving ideal for items that are edge-lit with LEDs.

laser cut and engraved jagermeister pos display

Reverse Side Engraving

To obtain a high-quality finish, depending on your design preferences, we often recommend reverse side engraving. This is the process of engraving onto the back side of the panel which achieves a flawlessly smooth front side with the detail of the design visible though the panel. We will reverse your artwork to achieve this effect.

Contact acrylux Ltd

For further information on our engraving and laser cutting service or to discuss a forthcoming project, please get in touch. As well as working directly with clients, we also offer our services on a subcontractor basis, so get in touch to find out how acrylux Ltd can help to get your project off the ground.