Acrylic design

Acrylic Fabrication

As specialists in acrylic fabrication, we offer a range of manufacturing techniques such as acrylic drape forming and heat/line bending. As a result, we can fabricate acrylic with precision into various forms to achieve the design you require. Ideal for a range of industries such as retail, abstract furniture design, signage and aviation, our acrylic fabrication services offer expert services and value for money. To find out how we can assist with your project, please get in touch.

Acrylic Drape Forming

The beauty of acrylic is that it is the perfect material for many applications. This is because it is a thermoplastic and therefore easy to form into various shapes using specialist heating techniques. Acrylic drape forming involves heating the sheet so that it moulds around the cast. One of the benefits of this type of fabrication process is that the sheet thickness is maintained across the mould. As a result, there are no weak points which could hinder the design.

Drape forming (also known as oven forming) is a technique which is used when a more gradual curve is desired than heat/line bending can achieve. Oven forming is ideal for the fabrication of:

Here at acrylux Ltd, we have a specialist oven which can take a volume capacity of 1800mm length X 1500mm wide X 550mm high. A sheet is placed into the oven and heated to around 150-155°C (300-312°F). When the sheet reaches the ideal malleable temperature, it is carefully removed from the oven and placed onto a mould. The sheet then sags onto the mould and will be either manually aided or clamped so it forms into the shape of the cast. Once cooled it perfectly retains the shape.


Benefits of Acrylic Drape/ Oven Forming

Compared to vacuum forming, acrylic drape/ oven forming benefits from the following advantages:

Acrylic Line Bending

Acrylic line bending is the process of heating acrylic sheet so that it bends at specified points to form a well-defined curve. Once cooled the sheet retains its new form while maintaining strength across the structure. This type of acrylic fabrication is ideal for the manufacture of items such as point of sale displays, menu holders, ticket holders and notice stands for reception areas, offices and hotels.

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