Acrylux Materials

Acrylux use all brand named acrylics as it is manufactured to a benchmark of quality. Brand names include Perspex, Plexiglas, Acrycast and Madreperia to name a few.

Acrylic is produced by 2 different methods, cast and extruded. The resulting high quality sheets have many similarities and yet important differences. Depending on what the customers specific needs are, determines which type of acrylic is best to use.

For example Both Acrycast and Acryglas XT (extruded) sheet offer:


  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%
  • Higher impact strength than glass
  • Excellent surface finish in gloss or satin
  • Easy to machine, fabricate and thermoform
  • Good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis  


Acrylux offer a large range of both extruded and cast acrylics. The cast acrylic is available in clear, opals and more than 30 standard colours plus very many more special colours and a standard sheet size of 3050 x 2050mm. It is however available in up to 13 different sheet sizes including the popular UK sizes of 2440 x 1220mm (8’ x 4’) and also 2440 x 1830mm (8’ x 6’). It is manufactured from 2mm to 50mm in thickness.


Acrylux's extruded acrylics include clear, opals, black, High Impact, Anti reflective, Silicone Glass and a few tints or colours. The extrusion process allows a range of sheet widths up to 2050mm and a sheet length that is only limited by the handling logistics, although 3050mm is a standard length.

Greencast® - The newest and most exciting product from Madreperla. Manufactured from 100% recycled acrylic it offers an environmentally friendly solution for signage, POS / POP and any other acrylic application. Available in clear, white, opals and colours (with the exception of Black) it is of such a high quality that it is indiscernible when placed next to virgin acrylic sheets. With the ever increasing demands of retailers to have a commercially attractive environmental solution for its instore displays, Greencast® is the perfect solution.

Metallics – a huge range of metallic colours in acrylic that are thermoformable. Manufactured in 4 different grades – standard metallic’s, matt 1 side, IRO – a guaranteed metallic for external use and the Iridis or Pearlescent range. Traditionally the metallic range would be used in gold or silver for lettering or applications where the original material chosen is hard to get hold of or harder to work with –such as  lettering for public houses or displays and exhibitions. The Metallic range is however available in colours such as Black, Copper, Titanium etc and offers the designer the ability to provide eye catching displays with a degree of originality. The 4 grades mean you can cover all applications and with the Pearlescent range you have a display that changes colour as the angle the customer is looking from changes – drawing the consumer in to look further at the display and products.

Acrylux use other types of acrylic that:

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