LED Solutions


Acrylux are moving into a new era and are now working alongside our sister company Earlsmann to create a range of LED lit products. We offer 2 forms of LED lit products:

1. Edge lit
2. Back lit

We specialise in edge-lit products. These include products such as; signs, splash backs, table-tops, point of sale displays and lamps. We work with a range of LED solutions. Depending on what the application is, will determine what type of LED’s we will use.

Mainly, we work with 3 types of LED ribbon, but alternatives are available.


LED ribbon is available in a range of colours including RGB (colour changing) which can be controlled using a remote control.

Back-lit solutions are more suited to Earlsmann, as it is more specifically used as a light source rather than a product using light. For more information please follow this link below

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