Acrylic Laser Cutting

Thanks to Acrylux's new addition, the Laserscript LS2515 Laser Cutter enables us to cut and engrave any coloured or clear acrylic panel 2.5m in length by 1.5m wide and can be cut up to 15mm in thickness. The finished cut is so clean that addtional polishing is not needed meaning quicker turn out and lower costings.


Laser cutting

Acrylic is a great material to cut - the amount of detail is very high, the edge quality exceptional, and there is an extensive range of colours including illuminous..

The edge quality of laser cut plastic is, on the whole, excellent - for example we can laser cut acrylic with a polished edge to give a finished component with no secondary polishing required. Typical applications range from Acrylic keyrings through full Point-of Sale systems, to engineered components used by the M.O.D.

 Laser cutting is at the forefront of profiling technology. The most cost effective method available today. Fully computerised. Consistent intricate and accurate shapes. No tooling costs. Reduced client costs. Rapid cost effective prototyping. Minimal wastage. Finished product no additional machining required.


Acrylic Laser Engraving

Acrylux now have a dedicated laser engraver to accompany our large laser cutting facility. This means we are able to offer an even higher quality service with even quicker turn arounds which in turn drives costs down! Laser engraving is ideal for branding or personalising your product.


Acrylic is manufactured in two different ways: Cast and Extruded and reacts in different ways when laser engraved. For engraving we use cast acrylic as it creates a frosty opal finish which not only creates a great contrast between the original and engraved surface, but also creates a great effect when an engraved panel is edge lit with LED's.

We offer bespoke laser engraving onto acrylic, woods, glass and other plastics.

Reverse Side Engraving

The most common technique when laser engraving onto acrylic is to reverse engrave onto the back side of the cut panel. This produces a 'look through effect' from the front. This gives a high quality finish and protects the engraving from being tampered with from the front if it is a working surface like a table top or a display case. In this case we would simply reverse your artwork.

Acrylux customers benefit from our services, as we pride ourselves on professional quality of product and service at competetive prices.

Sub-contract  and trade services are also available. Ask one of our staff for further information.

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