Acrylux Acrylic Forming


Acrylic drape forming

One of the most useful properties of acrylic plastic is how easy it is to form into different shapes using heat. As it is a thermoplastic and becomes soft and pliable when heat is applied. It can then be formed into numerous shapes depending on the mold. When the acrylic cools, it hardens and regains it's natural rigid state, maintaining the new shape.

Heat/Line bending

Acrylux can heat bend plastic sheet, also referred to as line bending, to give it a well-defined line bend. After bending, the material is normally put onto a fixture and then cooled. After cooling, the material holds its basic form (i.e. sheet) but also holds the bend(s) put into the material during the forming process.

This heat bending process of acrylic is often used to manufacture point-of-purchase displays and stands such as menu holders, clips, stands, ticket holders and reception notice stands for offices, shops and hotels.

Oven/Drape forming

This is a technique used when you need a more gradual curve than heat bending allows. At Acrylux we have an oven with volume capacity of 1800mm L x 1500mm W x 550mm H. A sheet is placed into the hot-air circulating oven and heated to about 150-155°C (300-312°F). Once the sheet has reached the required temperature it is removed from the oven carefully and placed on top of a mold. Here the sheet sags, aided quickly by gloved hands and sometimes clamps, it takes to the shape of the mold. Then it is left to cool down.

This technique is often used to create the front panels of display cases or for sleak point of sale displays.

Advantages (compared with vacuum forming)

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