About us

Acrylux ltd. was established in 1981 by David Macbeth. It was originally based in London and has since relocated to Devon where it is now run by Joss Macbeth and Alan Thornton. Acrylux has gone from strength to strength and now boasts the latest in modern technology offering laser cutting and engraving services. We are an acrylic fabrication company and we specialise in custom made display units and design. Our products range from ticket holders to tables. Everything we make is hand made and finished.


Acrylux are also part of the ARI (Amari Recycling Iniative) where we require scrap, reject and returned plastics to be taken away. Initially only doing acrylics, polycarbonates and polyesters the scheme has been extended to include PVC – solid and foamed, Polypropylenes, Aluminium Composites, styrene’s, ABS and even PE film.

Acrylux is associated with Amari Plastics recycling scheme which guarantees that no products go to landfill and are all sent for recycling. Amari provides us with the cages and collects them when they are full. If you require more information or believe you want to recycle please contact us.

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